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            Audio/Speaking Product Minor Master Talk

          Media Chess-preneurship Profits Made Easy

                    7 Pillars for Powerfully Positioning

                              for Profits in the Media




One of the best ways to get powerfully positioned for profits through the media is to focus on designing a higher level profits model, presence and marketing communications for your short, mid and long-term media success. Small business owners and emerging media communications-preneurs can greatly benefit from using the digital media space as a chess-board to position various aspects of their brand, offerings, and/or services in a unique way to make an impact and income like never before.


The 7 Pillars for Powerfully Positioning for Profits in the Media will help communications-preneurs 

discover their media chess-preneur factor and capture the KING CONCERN or KING DESIRE of their audience to provide solutions.


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    7 Pillars
in the Media 
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To book AliNICOLE WATERS to speak during the Fall for virtual and/or live events, email: 

 Media Tours 

  Media Chess


               AliNICOLE provides her Virtual Media Tours,

                Major Master Talk, Signature Workshop

                           &/Or Mastermind in the Fall

 Communication, Checkmate & Dominate Media Tours



                                      Master Talk

                      Media Chess-preneur Mastery

Powerfully Positioning Your Brand Presence in the Media to Communicate, Checkmate & Dominate for High-Level Impact & Income

                           Signature Workshops

      The Ultimate Time Currency Checkmate Factor

                 The Media Checkmate WOW! Factor

                              Mastermind Cohort


                      Make Millionaire Move In Silence

                         with Media Chess-preneruship


Communicate, Checkmate & Dominate Consulting with The Multiplicity-preneur Checkmate Coaches                              

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                   New Releases Coming Soon...

Shh!!!!!!!!! Make Millionaire Moves In Silence: Profitably Position Your Message, Mission & Movement In the Market Undetected for High-End Success

You Have The "Write" To Remain Silent: Quietly Make Millionaire Moves the Write Way & Position Yourself for High-End Success

You Have The Right To Remain Silent: How to Make Millionaire Moves In Silence & Let Your Checkmate Speak Volumes


Silence!!!!!!! No Explanation Required: How to Powerfully & Profitably Position In Quiet to Be LOUD When It's Time to Demonstrate, Checkmate & Dominate

Communicate, Checkmate & Dominate: Mastering Your Message, Positioning, Marketing Communications & More to Create a Dominos Profit Effect.

                        Podcast Production

                           Your Next Best Move Media

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