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              Media Chess Club

       Small Business Journaling                            

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Media Chess Club for small business journaling uses three intentional media chess journals for learning how to powerfully and profitably get positioned for high-level execution in the media. This group provides media chess strategies, an open forum for interaction and opportunities for advance media chess mentoring.

We focus on three main chess pieces: Pawns, Knights, and the Queen. Each piece possesses unique abilities for powerfully positioning the media success of small business owners. A pawn has the ability to up-level itself as a queen in the game of chess and the knight piece can jump over other pieces. As small business owners at various levels apply the media chess strategies they will be able to create a great impact and income in their industry.


This media club best serves small business owners and/or solo-entrepreneurs who are ready to position their brand and business to checkmate their industry. The club is facilitated in a private Facebook group click here to request to join.


Be sure to secure the Media Chess journals on Amazon


The Multimedia Chess Factor Made Easy: Checkmate Strategies for Powerfully Positioning Small Businesses in the Media (Journal Planner)


Your Next Best Move with Media: An Intentional Media Chess Journal Planner for Small Business Owners

Make the Right Moves: An Entrepreneurial Chess Journal Planner for Powerfully Positioning Your Business Endeavors

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Powerful Pawns:

In chess, pawns are your small players that must be cleared out of the way first. So often in the game board of entrepreneurship, the small business owner is viewed as a pawn. However, it's time to take those pawn offerings and services and make them powerful and profitable in the media. Getting them in the position like a queen to clear the way for moving your higher end offerings to the forefront. 

Knock Out Knights:

In the game of chess, we learn that the knight piece is able to do uncommon yet, unique moves to powerfully position its presence to take down its opponents. It is the only piece that has the ability to jump over other pieces. This strategy can be very effective in small business.


Learning how to become most effective with your media presence and positioning in this way is critical to your short, mid and long-term success. You need to discover what your Knight offers are that will produce the impact and income that you desire to jump over and/or take down your competition. 

Queen Qualifier: 

In the game of chess, the queen is the most powerful and strongest piece that is able to operate in multiple functions. Small business owners must discover their next level unique factor, strengths and abilities to over qualify themselves as the dominant contender in their arena.  You must be able to capture the queen of your target-markets heart and provide solutions to their KING CONCERN! 



















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